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2004 Congress in Daegu, Korea 

In 2004 Daegu South Korea was hosting the ISCI Congress. The organisers of this first ISCI Congress were trend setters in organising a highly successful congress.

"The first ISCI Congress was held Nov 14-18 2004 in Daegu City, the Republic of Korea, and proved a tremendous success.  The Congress achieved international press coverage including wide television coverage throughout Korea, China and Japan.
Over 500 experts, politicians and citizens energy took part in the opening ceremony. More than 1000 delegates from 30 countries attended the Forums on themes of 'Solar Cities for a Sustainable World'. In the Solar Cities Mayors’ Summit, 19 mayors or mayoral designates from 12 countries talked about climate change, city-level countermeasures, renewable energy and the establishment of an international network of solar cities. It was at their instigation that the DAEGU DECLARATION was drawn up and signed, expressing their resolve to increase renewable energy and strengthen solidarity among the cities.
Participating cities included Sapporo, Goteborg, the Hague, Qingdao, Minneapolis, Oxford, Linz, Cape Town, Santa Monica, Adelaide, Barcelona, Portland, Beijing, Hangzhou, Gelsenkirchen, Kaohsiung, Freiburg, Gwangju, & Daegu.
A separate Daegu Declaration was signed by participating Institutions and individuals.
In the Solar Cities Business Forum, 80 domestic and foreign companies shared information on industries concerning solar energy and renewable energy. Civic environmental groups also participated in the Citizen’s Forum and a major exhibition of environment-friendly products was visited by over 45,000 people.
A ISCI song was composed for the Congress and sung by the attendees at the Closing Ceremony.
All in all it was a great event!!