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2006 Congress in Oxford, UK. 
In April 2006 Oxford in the UK was hosting the 2nd International Solar Cities Congress.
Several hundred representatives from city governments, academic institutions, businesses and non-profit organizations from around the world attended the Congress, held on the historic Oxford University campus. The Congress is the second one organized by the International Solar Cities Initiative, dedicated to pursuing aggressive programs to reduce carbon dioxide emissions within city limits. Congress attendees were welcomed by Sir Crispin Tickell, author of the 1977 book, "Climate Change and World Affairs," Dr. RK Pachauri, Director of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), and Elliot Morely, the UK's Minister of State for Climate Change and the Environment.

The welcoming addresses served as a sobering reminder that climate change is happening at a more rapid rate than anticipated and the reductions in greenhouse gas emissions required to stabilize our atmosphere may be even greater than previously projected.

"The 2nd International Solar Cities Congress closed in Oxford with a call for more cities to adopt renewable and sustainable energy strategies. Speaking at the close of the Congress Chiel Boonstra of the International Solar Cities Initiative said it was imperative for cities to begin implementing policies which can make a direct impact on carbon dioxide emissions. The Congress in Oxford was attended by over 450 delegates from the worlds of science, business and policy-making. Representatives from 20 cities participated in the Mayors' Forum. During the event over 1200 people from Oxford and Oxfordshire attended an Open Day introducing solar and other renewable technologies which can be used in the home. The Lord Mayor of Oxford described the event as having made a significant impact on people in the city and praised the Congress as a catalyst for change."