handonghi | February 15, 2013 | view 4,777
2010 congress in Dezhou, China 

The 4th International Solar Cities Congress has been held in Dezhou, China in 2010 and took place in a new conference centre that sources 95% of its energy needs from renewable energy and features a 5000m2 solar system, a solar desalination plant and a solar energy theme park. It has been an event not to be missed !

No doubt the city of Dezhou deserved to be the host of the an ISCI congress: The 4th International Solar Cities Congress takes place from 16 to 19 September 2010.

The city of Dezhou with its China Solar Valley hosts several innovative industries making components for our solar future.

But their solar products are not only produced here, they are also applied throughout the city of Dezhou.

A first time visitor of Dezhou will be impressed by the enormous quantities of solar collectors visible on the rooftops.

And one will be more impressed seeing that public lanes near the attractive and impressive downtown city lake are lighted by solar public lighting, storing daylight energy for night-time lighting and taking away stress from the electricity grid.

The congress centre for the 2010 congress has been a showcase of solar energy application in itself.

Passive solar principles, active solar for heating and active solar for electricity are combined in an impressive and elegant building which already now forms a promise for an impressive congress.