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World Energy Congress 2013 

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World Energy Congress 2013

This year, one of the most important energy events, the World Energy Congress, takes place in Daegu, South Korea. Siemens' Energy Sector set off on its journey to Daegu six months ago already, looking to analyze energy challenges around the globe. In addition to hosting high-level roundtable discussions in numerous regions, two bloggers are traveling from continent to continent to find out what synergies and best practices are making their mark. On this page you will find videos, blog posts and news from the “Road to Daegu”. Join us - and bring your ideas into the dialog as well!

Siemens at the World Energy Congress in DaeguThursday, Oct. 17, 2013 – The World Energy Congress 2013 comes to an endWEC 2013 has just ended. The final day of Congress focused on the topic Securing a Sustainable Energy Future, a key challenge to strive for considering the Energy Trillema.

The exhibition was once again open to the general public and a lot of young people were impressed with the Siemens booth, the power matrix and the Round Table at the center of the booth.

As the final WEC day ended, the teams from Korea and HQ were happy with the collaborative work together during the last days.

The Road to Daegu is now over. The organization team would like to thank everyone who supported this important initiative in the last months. We connected possibilities and teams across the globe. Together, WEC marked an important milestone for the energy teams.

Next World Energy Congress will take place in Istanbul, Turkey in 2016.