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Invitation to host International Solar Cities Congress 2017 
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Invitation to host International Solar Cities Congress 2017, 2018

The ISCI Congress Board invites your city to submit a Proposal to host the 6th International Solar Cities Congress in 2017. The deadline for proposals is two months after receipt of this invitation, ideally not later than 22 October 2016.

Please notify by e-mail at (recipient: Peter Lee, Core-PCO of ISCI) as soon as possible of your intention to submit a proposal, and whether you consider that the proposed deadline is feasible.

1.  Qualification

The proposing organization must demonstrate to the satisfaction of the ISCI that is:
• An ISCI member city/organization or city/organization which will be in membership no later than signing host city contract
• Legally capable of signing a contract with ISCI for the execution of ISCI Congress
• Organizationally and financially able to undertake and successfully manage an ISCI Congress
• Capable of fulfilling all of requirements placed on host city/organization as described in the below

2.  Required contents of the proposal

The proposal should provide information related to the following activities (see Annex 1 for additional guidance):
• Two/Three days of activities to include four Forums: A City Administrators Forum, Academic/Technical Forum, Citizens Forum, Business Forum and Exhibition.
• Opportunities for pre- and or post-congress technical tours
• Business and committee meeting opportunities for participating organizations
• Associated workshops, courses and seminars where appropriate
• A City's written agreement to observe the obligations of Congress host, outlined in Annex 2 of this invitation letter, which include:
o City agreement to the view that the Congress be hosted with a view to promoting the development of solar cities.
o City agreement that the host city be a member of ISCI and pay membership fee

Particular attention should be paid to the following aspects, which will be used to rank proposals:
• Finance:  A budget itemizing major cost elements and anticipated revenue sources is mandatory. (eg. registration fee/sponsorship/exhibition income, Venue or convention center hire/catering/exhibition/production/administration in expenditure, etc.)
Financial arrangements should be agreed upon by ISCI after the successful bid.

• Support to ISCI: The host city is asked to make a recognition to ISCI that prior to the Congress at least two return airfares be paid to nominated ISCI Board members from their own city to the host city location to facilitate the co-development of the Congress Programme and oversee its progress. In addition during the three days of the Congress hotel rooms for the ISCI Board members (maximum of 6) be paid for by the hosting city. 
• Support from ISCI: The ISCI Congress Committee will undertake to provide a liaison officer for each of the heads of the Forums and to the overall management team to facilitate the organization of the Congress for the host city. The host city be accorded the right to use the ISCI logo in its letterhead and in publications, with the text "host town for the 2017 ISCI World Congress". This support is additional to that for ISCI Executive participation (please see Annex 2).
• Congress arrangements and facilities: including details on capacities of main lecture halls and other meeting rooms; projection and presentation facilities; arrangements for poster presentations; arrangements for press, communication and administration; catering facilities.
• Accommodation for delegates: including information on numbers and prices by category and whether a central booking facility would be available; location relative to the congress venue; local transport arrangements for delegates during the congress.
• Travel; including air and rail links and local transportation.
• Technical and sightseeing tours.
• Social events associated with the congress.
• Cultural attractions and tour information (outline).
• Facilities and arrangements for a trade exhibition.
Additional activities to support national and local programmes for renewable energy utilization are encouraged.

3.  Evaluation
The ISCI Board Members will evaluate all proposals received on or before 30 October 2016. The evaluation criteria are listed in Annex 3 to this invitation letter. If necessary, the ISCI Board may request additional information.

3.  Time plan
Notification of intention to submit a proposal As soon as possible
Proposals in electronic form to be received not later than 22 Oct 2016
Final decision by the ISCI Executive Board 30 Oct 2016

4.  Contract
The final decision will be confirmed in a contract between ISCI and the selected City host.

5.  Submission of the proposal
Please send a complete electronic copy of your proposal to: Peter Lee, Core-PCO director of ISCI (MCI Korea)
With Best Wishes
Annex 1: General requirements and minimum content
of a proposal to host an ISCI-Solar Cities Congress