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International Solar Cities Initiative 
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International Solar Cities Initiative
The International Solar Cities Initiative (ISCI; is an international nonproflt organization dedicated to promoting new urban policies and practices that reduce per capita GHG emissions by cities to levels consistent with long-term climate sustainability as estimated by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change.
Key contents of thesolar city program can be found in the ISCI Declaration and
can be summarized as follows.

1) Each city sets its own target for renewable energy adoption with a specific timetable appropriate for its geographical,economic, and political circumstances.
2)Partnerships are formed between institutes and centers for the mutual development of renewable energy implementation techniques, capacity building in cities, and shared expertise.
3) Sister-city relationships are encouraged in renewable energy implementation, end-use efficiency, and climate change policy.
The ISCI started as an International Energy Agency and International Solar Energy Society joint task force in 1999 and became independent in 2003. The ISCI has endeavored to bring scientists and policymakers together, sharing practical knowledge for the transition to sustainable societies where the main energy sources are efficient and renewable.
 The lst ISCI Congress on Solar Cities for a Sustainable World washeld in Daegu, ROK, in 2004,
followed by the 2nd on Solar Cities: Reducing Carbon Emissions from Cities in Oxford, UK, in 2006;
the 3rd on Visionary Voices Talk Sustainable Cities in Adelaide, Australia, in 2008;
the 4th on SolarEnergy Changes Life in Dezou, PR China, in 2010;
the 5th on Energy in Cities: Innovation Facing Climate Change in
Buenos Aires, Argentina, in 2074; and the planned 6th on Aerospace and Solar Cities (tentative title) in Noordwijk, the Netherlands, in 2016.

 Each congress comprises a mayors' summit, scientific conference, business forum, citizens' forum,
and exhibition.